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Why Your Company Should Be Using Social Networks

2 Apr

A social network is defined as “a social structure comprised of individuals who share similar interests and/or common bonds.” 4/5 Internet users visit social networks. Companies can use social networks to reach internet users directly. Traditional marketing (commercials, print ads, mail-ins) are expensive and really can’t be molded to fit each and every target public. With the use of social media companies can participate in the conversation, they can build relationships and maintain relationships with their customers.

Some tips from my social media class on how to successfully use social networks:

  • Engage your publics
  • Avoid the sales pitch. Instead, use social networks like a cocktail party. If you went up to a group of strangers at a cocktail party with the intention of “selling” your business to them if you started out with “I sell insurance. You should buy insurance from me.” They would probably walk away from you and ask the host why you got invited. Instead, listen to them. Hear what they’re talking about. See if there is something that you could say to catch their attention. Get them to like you, get them to trust you and then sell.
  • Provide content your audience wants to see
  • Solicit and act on feedback from your audience
  • Answer questions
  • Have a genuine, credible profile
  • Link to your online content

Remember, when using social networks it’s quality not quantity. A company should determine which social network is right for their social media plan according to their customer’s preferences. Do not spread yourself too thin, if you want to successfully use social networks you have to do it right.